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AMSOIL's line of synthetic lubrication products represents the finest level of protection you can buy for your motor vehicle, truck, motorcycle, industrial machinery, heavy equipment, marine craft, recreational vehicle, or racing vehicle.

AMSOIL is one of the least expensive and smartest investments you will ever make to insure that your motorized equipment will run the longest with the least amount of maintenance and the highest fuel efficiency. Lubricating oils are the lifeblood of mechanical equipment, and are the single most determining factor in how long your equipment will last, and what the costs of maintaining that equipment will be.

Unlike mass marketed petroleum products which are bulk manufactured to provide the minimum lubrication at the cheapest price, AMSOIL's line of synthetic products are individually crafted to provide the most durable protection in the most extreme temperature and load conditions you may encounter. The AMSOIL durability also shows up in product longevity, since AMSOIL synthetic oils and fluids last upwards of 8 times longer than conventional petroleum products. The strength of synthetic lubrication is the ability to eliminate the organic elements that cause conventional petroleum oils to breakdown and lose efficiency. Further, synthetic lubricants can be tailored with specific additives to function at a MUCH higher efficiency in extreme conditions, allowing your oils to function immediately in cold start conditions or to continue to provide stable protection in extremely hot conditions that cause petroleum oils to fail at potentially catastrophic results to your machinery.

The advantages of AMSOIL are hardly limited to extreme conditions, but rather from their strength in day-to-day use. At the core of AMSOIL's synthetic lubricants is the ability to provide superior lubrication. That means engines and machinery operate more efficiently, with less friction. Less friction means less heat produced and less wear and tear on mechanical parts, which allow engines and machinery to have much longer life spans. The increase in operating efficiency also means an increase in power and fuel efficiency, since your equipment is not fighting against itself and friction.

AMSOIL is not designed to be put on sale at the grocery store for the cheapest price possible. An AMSOIL customer makes an informed decision to choose AMSOIL to safeguard the enormous investment they make in their vehicles, fleets, machinery or heavy equipment, and to insure that their equipment will last the longest with the minimum amount of maintenance. By using AMSOIL you can directly save money by decreasing the frequency of oil changes, since AMSOIL products will last drastically longer than conventional petroleum oils, and even their top synthetic competitors. You can also save money by increasing fuel efficiency by as much as 8%, and with gas prices the way they are can be a huge savings. But the real value of using AMSOIL is the ability to give your equipment the best chance for the longest life possible. That is the commitment AMSOIL makes with each of its custom crafted synthetic lubrication product.

This website is designed to present you with the entire AMSOIL line, including products tailored for specific types of applications. We have also included information on the numerous independent comparison tests that prove that AMSOIL is the clear leader in mechanical lubrication. AMSOIL is not a "miracle" product, but a line of synthetic lubricants that trace their origins to AMSOIL founder and president Albert J. Amatuzio's experience with fighter aircraft, which rely exclusively on synthetic lubrication because of their exacting and extreme requirements. Amatuzio's vision of a better system of lubrication for everyday vehicles, trucks, heavy equipment and industrial machinery has allowed AMSOIL to be the company of "firsts" and a pioneer in the development of products and systems to provide you with the best option for your needs.

AMSOIL INC. takes enormous pride in its mission to provide you the best products available to protect and maintain your equipment, rather than profiting on cheaply made inferior products that put your primary investments at risk of unnecessary wear and catastrophic failure. Don's Synthetic Lubes takes pride in offering you the entire AMSOIL line. We are committed to providing you the best customer service and support to help inform and assist you in developing the most efficient system for protecting your investment.