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AMSOIL Is Not Imported Oil!

Reducing Our Dependence on Foreign Oil With AMSOIL

The entire line of AMSOIL synthetic oils and lubricants are manufactured completely in the United States. From the moment you purchase AMSOIL synthetic products you are reducing the need to rely on fossil sources for lubrication. By switching to AMSOIL, you are not only helping to reduce our country's dependence on petroleum oil and oil importation, but you are decreasing the amount of oil consumed every year and increasing your vehicle's fuel efficiency. These three benefits when factored into the massive diet of petroleum oil by our nation's transportation needs, can lead to significant decreases in foreign oil dependence.

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil's Extended Drain Intervals Directly Reduces The Amount of Oil Required to Maintain Engines

Most automobile manufacturers recommend oil drain intervals of 3,000 to 6,000 miles for petroleum motor oils. AMSOIL recommends up to a 35,000 mile oil change which is 5 to 11 times fewer oil changes. Just think about the reduction in oil importation if, for example, the 135 million cars (excluding trucks, buses and taxis) in the United States were equipped with AMSOIL motor oil. Assuming an average service-life of 100,000 miles and an oil capacity of 5 quarts each, 11.4 billion to 23.3 billion quarts of used oil will be generated during a regular service lifetime (with regular oil changes every 3,000 to 6,000 miles). If you put 22.3 billion quarts of used oil into 55-gallon barrels and loaded them onto semi-trucks, a line of trucks would stretch end-to-end from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. and back to Los Angeles.

To Say It Another Way, AMSOIL Reduces Oil Use In The Crankcase by 80% to 90%! A REAL reduction -- not talk -- for those who are serious about curtailing oil dependence.

AMSOIL Helps Curtail the Amount of Gasoline and Diesel Fuels Needed by Increasing Engine Efficiency and Decreasing Fuel Consumption.

Industry tests have shown improved fuel economy of 2-5% in vehicles using synthetic lubricants. Many AMSOIL customer testimonials tell of even greater savings. If all cars in America used AMSOIL synthetic motor oil, gear lubes and drive train fluids, we would save enough fuel to drive to the sun and back 165 to 420 times over.*

All of these statistical models were created prior to the Sport Utility Vehicle boom in US domestic vehicle sales. SUVs use larger power plants requiring more oil for lubrication and provide less fuel economy than conventional automobiles. With this in mind, you can inflate each of these statistical models by at least 33%.


The numbers in this calculation were based on 1998 data on Domestic Motor Fuel Consumption by Type of Vehicle, 1970-1998.* 1998 was most recent year for complete data, but each succeeding year has seen an increase in these numbers, so it can be postulated that the numbers would actually be higher.

Domestic Fuel Consumption Data

Fuel Consumption, All Cars 72 billion gallons
2% OF 72 BILLION = 1.44 Billion gallons of fuel consumed
5% OF 72 BILLION = 3.66 Billion gallons of fuel consumed
Average miles per gallon: 21.4 miles per gallon
at 2% = 30.8 billion miles (1.44 x 21.4)
at 5% = 78.3 billion miles (3.66 x 21.4)

How far is 30.8 billion miles?

DISTANCE TO SUN 93 million miles
Round Trip 186 million miles
To Sun & Back = 165 round trips if fuel use is reduced 2%
  420 round trips if fuel use is reduced 5%
DISTANCE TO MOON 238,857 miles
Round Trip = 477,714 miles
Trips to Moon and back = 64,473 round trips if fuel use is reduced 2%
  163,000 round trips if fuel use is reduced 5%

Fuel Consumption for All Trucks 30.8 billion gallons
Documented fuel savings by switching to AMSOIL lubricants in engine and throughout drivetrain = 8.2%
8.2% OF 30.8 BILLION = 2.52 BILLION Gallons 

Fuel usage, average miles per gallon for over the road trucks = 6.4 mpg

2.52 billion gallons @ 6.4 miles per gallon = 16.128 billion miles that U.S. trucks would be able to travel on the fuel saved by switching to AMSOIL.

This equates to 86 trips to the sun and back.
(16.128 billion divided by 186 million) 
Or 33,760 trips to the moon and back. 
(16.128 billion divided by 477,714)

* p. 640, U.S. Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States, 2000

Keep America on the road with AMSOIL, the original synthetic motor oil.

Made in USA. Know the Facts - AMSOIL Saves You Money!

*Based on U.S. Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the U.S: 2000 No. 1049, Domestic Motor Fuel Consumption by Type of Vehicle.