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Companies Using AMSOIL

Large companies, small businesses, and individuals are experiencing tremendous results using synthetics. Many of the following reports & testimonials are found in national magazines - reinforcing the undeniable benefits and cost savings of synthetic lubricants in countless applications. Many are using AMSOIL synthetic lubes and special filtration products.

409,000 Miles Without an Oil Change

Using AMSOIL Synthetic 15W-40 Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine Oil this 1990 Mack E7-400 owned by Haywood Gray went 409,000 Miles Without an Oil Change !!

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After testing synthetics for 12 years, RYDER elected to install synthetics in transmissions and gear boxes of all 69,000 of its trucks After three years of use, RYDER extended drain intervals from 48,000 (depending on size of truck) to the life of the vehicle on light and medium duty trucks.


Synthetics cost more to buy, true - but not in the long run. Charlie Smallwood switched engine oil, gear oil, transmission lube, and filtration to AMSOIL and saved over $16,000! With long drain and analysis, oil and filters cost about $1,500 less than petroleum.


Midvale Gold Country Club is delighted with synthetics. They extend drain intervals three times petroleum, use 1/4 to 1/8 as much oil as previously, and save money overall with reduced down-time and longer engine life.


I was running the Pikes Peak Hill Climb (in 1976) in a car equipped with a very special rear end that gave me an edge over the other guys. The rear end was fitted with some 1948 Ford parts which you just couldn't buy anymore. They were getting harder and harder to find, and here I was, destroying some of them in one practice day!

Well, I knew that had to stop soon, or I'd have to use a different rear end and probably lose my competitive edge. I called a friend who has a good engineering background and I told him I was looking for a gear lube with the best extreme pressure characteristics possible. His immediate answer was AMSOIL.

I called the company in Superior, WI and they put me in touch with a local dealer. Between working with the dealer and Al Amatuzio (CEO of AMSOIL), I learned some amazing things about AMSOIL.

I receive products from all over the world for testing and evaluation, but when I put AMSOIL in the rear end, I had never seen anything like it! I went from totally destroying the rear end in one day, to using the one through 3 days of practice, a day of qualifications, a day of racing and it was still good! Where I used to go through one rear end a day, now I used the same one the whole season and it was still like new! I was amazed then, and I still am now.


They have used AMSOIL in their fleet of tractors (four large 4-wheel drive John Deere tractors from 200 to 400 HP) and five smaller tractors (90 to 200 HP) for over 18 years. They change oil once a year. They stopped tracking savings years ago, but know it is at least 50 cents on the dollar over petroleum, not counting savings on downtime and extended equipment life. They say they could not afford to switch back to petroleum, even if it were given to them FREE.


They have found that not only is the AMSOIL 100:1 2-Cycle Engine Oil less expensive to use, but with it they have experienced improved performance and less maintenance in their golf carts.


By using AMSOIL products in the police cruisers, they documented a savings of 40% per mile.


They found that the use of AMSOIL grease reduced bearing temperatures from "too hot to touch" to "rest your hand on it". The bearings that previously had to be replaced several times in ten years, are still in service after five years with AMSOIL.


There Kassbohrer Groomers with 6V Mercedes Benz diesel engines (from 170-240 HP) operate almost non-stop in subzero temperature. With AMSOIL 15W-40 Marine Oil, service intervals have been extended from 200 to 600 hours. They estimate a saving of $7,500 per season.


A 1986 Ford Cabover CLT-9000 Truck, powered by a 400 HP 3406B six cylinder Caterpillar engine logged over 420,000 miles with two oil changes of AMSOIL 15W-40 Marine Engine Oil. Normal run is a round trip of 2,400 miles, where daytime temperatures often exceed -50dF, and the last 400 miles is rugged gravel terrain.


In a pilot program, they found that AMSOIL Engine Oil lasted 20 times longer than conventional oils. Engine teardown also showed reduced wear!


They found they no longer have carbon build-up or spark plug fouling in their chainsaws after switching to AMSOIL 2-cycle Oil. A commercial cutter put 2500 hours on a saw with only one piston and cylinder change. A tree service cut their 15 saw maintenance budget from $3,000, to less than $1,000 per month, by using AMSOIL 2-cycle Oil.


Switching to synthetic lubricants caused a reduction in friction and reduced energy consumption of 5%. This resulted in a projected annual savings of $70,000.


A Co-op Power Association of North Dakota reported problems of high temperature and bearing wear until synthetic lubricants were installed. Result: "bearing failures were eliminated: oil change intervals were increased to six months from previous changes every three days."


After they switched to AMSOIL products, they experienced smoother starting and operating, no tune ups, cooler operation, and extended equipment life, making it easier to get the job done and meet contract requirements, regardless of weather conditions. After 43 years in the excavating business, the owner laments "wish I could have started sooner (with AMSOIL)".


Because they were able to extend drain periods in difficult places (conveyor belts in their mines) to once every five years, "the reduced labor costs offset by several times the higher costs of synthetic lubricants".


They were able to increase the overall thermal rating of their worm gears by 9 to 15% with synthetic oil allowing their customers to use smaller, less expensive units. On farm tractors, the input rating of spur gear reducers increased 150% to 125 HP.


They used synthetic grease on 8,000 electric motors and found bearing failures dropped from a typical 200 a year to only five!!! Re-greasing intervals were extended by two times for all motors but those in the most severe environments.


Their fleet manager reported savings with synthetics: "On our trucks we used to give four or five shots; now we use only one or two for each fitting. The cost for replacing shackles dropped from $3,000 to $1,000 over the year and we're extending our greasing intervals from two weeks to six weeks."


Their fleet of school buses must stay on the road to be cost effective to operate. By using AMSOIL Synthetic Grease, Gear Lubes, and Motor Oil, they have cut maintenance cost by 30.5%. Oil changes have been extended to 50,000 miles with filter changes at 8,000 miles (using oil analysis). Winter operations are trouble free with easy starts and no warm-ups needed thus saving fuel, labor and engine wear.


These major drive train component manufacturers have extended gear lube drain intervals from 100K miles (with petroleum) to 500K miles after switching to 75W-90 synthetic gear lubes. They also have extended warranty from 500K mile to 750K miles as long as synthetic gear lubes are used.


Ford Motor Co. requires the use of synthetic transmission fluid in all 5 speed transmissions used in the diesel pickups since 2/2/94.


Corvettes and Cadillac's with the Northstar engines require the use of synthetic motor oil, or warranty will be voided.


Virginia Dept. Of Mines, Minerals, & Energy published a manual recommending many energy savings strategies the state agencies could use to cut costs, and save energy. In Section 3, Transportation, page 110, Strategy II.B, they recommended that the agencies select a portion of their fleet, change to a synthetic oil and evaluate the results i.e.; less engine wear, fewer engine deposits, less frequent oil changes, lower maintenance, and a 3-5% MPG increase.


"I credit AMSOIL Compressor Oil with savings in five areas. By helping our compressors run 20-40d F cooler., we no longer need fans and special ventilation systems for heat reduction. With these cooler operating temperatures and the high quality fluid, our valves don't carbon up, so we don't have to replace them as often. Our compressors draw 10 percent less amperage with AMSOIL. Our oil consumption is way down. And we've gone from three month to four year compressor oil drain intervals. Multiply those savings times thousands of compressors and you can see why we're installing AMSOIL nationwide


With AMSOIL Compressor Oil in the rotary air compressor on their 600 HP Cleaver-Brooks boiler, reported a 10-15% reduction in amperage requirement and quieter operation.


By using AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate, Gateway now uses a truck for 700,000 miles with the same injectors. At 700,000 miles, they trade vehicles.


By using AMSOIL Synthetic Oil, Petro Canada extended the drain interval on the Waukasha engine (stationary pump on the oil pipeline). With mineral oil lubricants, oil change was required very 750 hours (one change per month). With AMSOIL, the engine has been running for 26 months (over 19,000 hours) with no oil change.


By using AMSOIL Grease, Oil Filters, and Synthetic Oil, Alpha resins Corp. was able to double their fleet without the need of additional mechanics. Because less wear, and extended drain intervals, they estimated a $40,000 a year savings (does not include savings in manpower).


The owner reports a savings of $500 per vehicle per year by using AMSOIL Engine Oils, Air and Oil Filters, AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Fluid, and AMSOIL Gear Lube. He reports significantly reduced down time (80%), and increased fuel economy.


Semis were installed with AMSOIL Lubricants, bumper to bumper, AMSOIL 15W-40 was used in the engines, and AMSOIL 85W-140 Gear Lube was installed in the transmissions and rear end.. Oil analysis determined the AMSOIL 15W-40 and the 85W-140 were still running after 200,000 miles and the engines had minimal wear while the rear ends and transmissions operated like "new".


Dennis Daugherty, Superintendent, used to replace the 5 HP engine on his greens mower once a year. The severe use and constant high heat would finish the engine. In 1987, Dennis switched to AMSOIL 10W-30 100% Synthetic Motor Oil and has not replaced an engine since. Dennis says, "if you gave me the petroleum oil and the engines for nothing I wouldn't switch back".


Bill Anderson, teaches automotive mechanics at Hermitage Technical Center, a vocational high school in Henrico, Virginia. When he used petroleum motor oil in his 1978 Oldsmobile, Bill faithfully changed oil every 1,500 to 2,000 miles. After watching an AMSOIL lubrication and filtration seminar in 1985, Bill decided to switch the Olds to AMSOIL 10W-40 and install an AMSOIL Engine Oil Filter.

By following AMSOIL's recommendations, Bill currently has 513,000 miles on his Olds, and the engine has had only routine maintenance. Bill drives the car to work every day and on regular business trips, and he tells his friends and colleagues about the advantages of AMSOIL over petroleum motor oil. Bill recently called to tell me that his 80' Buick (that has had AMSOIL 10W-40 since 32,000 miles) developed a leak in the oil pan. He took off the pan and removed a main bearing to replace the main seal. Bill was astonished to find the bearing in almost new condition. By the way, the car has just over 300,000 miles on the original engine. Of course Bill uses AMSOIL in his boat, lawnmower and other personal equipment.


My own two bikes were used (for the test) as they were the easiest to keep track of. One was a 1982 Harley FLT with 40,000 miles. The other, a 1983 Yamaha 750 Maxim, w/ 30,000 km of abuse and neglect.

With the change to synthetic oil, there were a few immediately noticeable results. First, the starter spins the engine more easily and the engine starts quicker. The oil gauge showed slightly lower after warm-up, dropping from 30 to 18 lbs. at highway speed. This indicates a higher flow rate, which is very desirable. The engine feels stronger and more willing. This same effect has been reported by others who changed to AMSOIL, but there is no way to measure it. Oil consumption settled down at about 2,500 miles per liter.

About 9,000 miles after changing to new AMSOIL, I was on my way home from Victoria, BC when my oil pressure gauge dropped to zero. I stopped and checked for any unusual noises or leaks, but since the oil pressure idiot light hadn't come on, I figured it was a bum gauge. I carried on home... about 60 miles. When I got home I discovered that the wire had come off the oil light switch and I really didn't have any oil pressure. The engine had run normally all the way, with no strange sounds or burning smells, but I was quite concerned about the internal damage.

Opening up the engine showed that the oil pump had indeed packed it in, shearing the half-moon key on the drive shaft...So, I really had driven 60 miles with no oil circulation at all. The engine showed no bad effects of its experience. The bottom end was still tight and the cylinder showed almost no wear at 32,000 miles. I believe that with any other type of oil, the engine would have seized up.

In the little Yamaha, I found pretty much the same results subjectively, but have no measurements to offer. After running for a year on AMSOIL, I had only put 7,000 km. I felt that the AMSOIL was just too expensive for that little use, so I changed to another brand. Right away, I noticed a big difference. The engine required more turns of cranking before firing up, starting and stopping several times before it would keep running. When driving around town, the bike felt sluggish and down on power. I put up with this for a few days, then changed back to AMSOIL 10W-40. Immediately it was back to instant starts and that old eager-to-go feeling. I'm going to use AMSOIL in it even if it is more expensive. I wouldn't go back to the old stuff if it were given to me free."


"AMSOIL Rust Preventative enhanced our business image. Our previous rust preventative just wasn't doing the job and the appearance of our work was suffering. With AMSOIL, there were no more rust spots on our jobs. To top it off, AMSOIL costs less than the old product and has a longer shelf life. It's a great product.


Gene Deputay, President of TEXAS TURBO ENGINEERING, Inc., designs and builds racing engines. He is also an excellent drag racer. For the extra edge he needs to win, Gene uses AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in all his race cars.

"I have a 1989 Mustang GT with a TEXAS TURBO prepared turbocharged 5 liter engine. The car has set records all over the United States at various drag strips, and it runs a quarter mile time consistently around 10.43 seconds at 130 MPH through the mufflers", Gene said.

Gene added, "I use AMSOIL in both the rear end and the engine due to its lubricating properties that reduce friction, which translates into horsepower. The other reason I use AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants is because of its higher resistance to "coking". I have to make hard runs, where the turbine wheel approaches around 1,700 deg. F at 15 psi of boost. I don't have to leave the car running as long to circulate oil to cool the shaft since the coking point is higher. This means the engine has a longer cool down period for the next run."

The Mustang GT is used for street driving, as the power seats, the door locks, electric windows and stereo system are still intact. A real crowd pleaser, Gene's car has been in several magazines, including "Hot Rod". However, to keep the Mustang GT running at its competitive peak, Gene relies on AMSOIL Lubricants.


It almost didn't happen because few people believed that one person could dominate a track so convincingly. But Mike Benzon, sponsored by California AMSOIL Dealers Charles and Peri Sutherland, dominated a race where all the cars are equal - except in motor oil.

A case may be made for being too good. Other racers were considering a protest where Mike would be forced to tear down his engine. But after consulting an expert, the other racers were convinced no foul play was involved. (They would have had to pay for the cost of the tear down had no tampering had been found).

Mike's car was on the front cover of the October 1990 "Wheel's" magazine and broke an SCCA track record. If he finishes 9th or better in his next race, he is the 1990 Gran Champion. Mike donates his winnings to the American Leukemia Society.


In the fall of 86' we inherited a 79' Ford Fairmont with a 302 V-8 engine and 75,000 miles. We were the third owners and had no real knowledge as to how the car was cared for, or maintained. It was using a qt. or so every two weeks. I shied away from changing over to AMSOIL because of the consumption problem, as the car was used as a spare vehicle mainly.

After a year (and 10,00 miles) I decided to go with AMSOIL as an experiment, with the intentions of changing back to petroleum oil if the consumption didn't drop significantly. This was the fall of 87' and the car had reached 85K miles. I flushed the engine with AMSOIL Engine Flush, installed AMSOIL 100% 10W-40, oil filter, and an AMSOIL Air Filter. In the following year I put on an additional 10,000 miles, while changing just the oil filter several times.

Oil consumption dropped from 1 quart every two weeks-- to two quarts in one year.

In the fall of 88' I flushed the engine again, and changed the oil and filter. I've driven 13,000 miles since then (98,000 miles total), changed the filter twice and have added less than one quart, except for filter make up oil.
Of course the engine runs cooler, quieter, peppier, smoother and with better mileage. To have an engine go from one quart every two weeks to less than one quart a year is unbelievable----but that's AMSOIL for you!!!!!

Henry Daniel
Hopewell, Va.
April, 1989

Some kind of GREASE!

Coming out of church one Sunday, Jim Koontz., Hopewell, VA stopped me and said he had a great AMSOIL story for me.

Jim was coming back from a job on the interstate about 50 miles from home in rush hour traffic. He was towing a rented portable cement mixer with the company pick-up, when a wheel bearing on the cement mixer started acting up. Jim pulled into the breakdown lane and surveyed his problem. Jim pulled the wheel and found that the bearings were chewed up. Stranded, 5:00 PM, he knew he would have a problem getting to someplace that had the bearings. Having had experience with AMSOIL, and understanding its phenomenal lubricating abilities, he cleaned the spindle of the debri and coated it with a liberal amount of AMSOIL Multi-Purpose Grease. He put the wheel back, without the bearings, replaced the locking nut and towed the cement mixer the 50 miles home with out any problem or damage to the spindle.


This company has over one hundred vehicles, mostly 4-wheel drive Toyota pickups. They used to use Kendall 50W motor oil and changed it every 3,000 miles. For the last two years, they have used nothing but AMSOIL 20W-50 Racing Oil and changed it every 15,000 miles.

When I initially went to them, I asked them what they would like AMSOIL to do for them. They felt that if AMSOIL would allow them to stretch the oil changes out to about 7,000 miles they would be happy. Well, through oil analysis, we proved that they could go over 15,000 miles and still have some cushion.

Now, after a couple of years they wonder how they ever got along without AMSOIL. This company treats lakes and water retention ponds, throughout the state of Florida. AMSOIL is used in every possible application for their equipment. The AMSOIL Air Filter cost less than what they were paying for throw away filters.
George & Shirley Douglas, DJ, FL


(Excerpts from newsletter on AMSOIL)

"The second folder concerns the synthetic oil system we mentioned last time. We said we wanted to run it for a while in the towboat before we recommend it to y'all. Frankly, I'm sold! Bill Stancil of Mr. Bill's AMSOIL Center showed up one day and helped me install the oil and dual filter set-up on the engine. I had made the decision to try it after an oil analysis told me I was experiencing above normal bearing wear.

The first thing I noticed was that the engine got much quieter. The metal to metal noise level was severely reduced. When I called Bill to tell him about this, he stopped me mid-sentence with, 'Sounds like a gas engine, doesn't it?" Apparently he's heard this before. I asked him when I should be changing the new oil. He said, "Oh, I guess we should take a sample to see what it looks like in about 300 hours or so.' Three hundred hours??? I've been changing every 100 hours! After I told him, he said "OK if it makes you feel better go ahead, take a sample every 100 hours.' You betcha - at least! At 100 hours I did just exactly that and I was waiting at the box when the mailman showed up with the test results. Believe it or not, bearing wear had fallen almost to zip! That type of performance seems to be routine. The people I talked to were getting 50% to 200% more service life out of their diesels. The Sea Tow member I spied one day with an AMSOIL sticker on the windshield of his boat told me he was getting 400 or more rpm out of his gas I.O. I have a copy of the test results of oil that has been a truck engine for 200,000 miles. It reads, 'Test results indicated no corrective action required.' Loosely translated that means you don't gotta fix the motor and you don't gotta change the oil, neither. At 200,000 miles! If you decide to go this route, spend the extra nickel and get a dual filter set-up. Between the oil, the dual filters and oil analysis, your engine could still be running when your boat is old enough to be a museum piece."

37 MONTH FORK LIFT!!!!!!!!

Tim Samko, owner of M & M Services, Chester, VA, (a warehouse complex) analyzed the oil in his Toyota forklift after thirty seven months of service without an oil change. Tim is using (AME) 15W-40 AMSOIL Marine Oil. Tim was nervous because he really didn't intend to run the oil this long. To Tim's relief the sample came back and said the oil was still good even after 2500 hours.

Co-generation Plant Measures 4 AMP Savings!!!

They decided to try some AMSOIL Industrial ISO 220 Gear Lube in one of the gear boxes on a cooling tower fan drive. They measured the amperage draw prior to adding the AMSOIL, and took a measurement after switching. They found a 4 AMP reduction in electrical use. This is significant. When asked what this means, they said that they can now run the fans at higher Rpm's and cool more effectively. Of course they will be able to leave the oil in the gear boxes several times longer which will give additional savings.


Bobby Grove, Prince George, VA purchased a used 1985 34' Pace Arrow Motor Home from a friend of his. The vehicle had 45,000 miles and had been given reasonable care. The engine was a Chevy 454 V-8 with a generator and two roof top AC units. His friend explained to Bobby that the mileage was not the best and he consistently got @ 5MPG regardless of driving conditions.

The first thing Bobby did was tune it up and in the process found a broken plug wire. He then took a 150 mile trip and got 6.1 MPG. The RV was then converted over to AMSOIL completely. He put 0W-30 in the engine, 75W-90 in the differential, repacked the wheel bearings, changed the ATF in his automatic, and added PI to his fuel tank.

Bobby then made the same 150 mile trip and calculated his mileage and to his delight he got 7.9 MPG. A few weeks later he took a trip up to a campground in western VA., and this involved going over the Blue Ridge Mountains. When he got to the campground he filled up and calculated his mileage and to his amazement got 9.9 MPG. His next trip was to Virginia Beach, VA, a 200 mile round trip on level terrain, running both AC's the whole time. He then filled the tank and came up with mileage of 10.2 MPG. Bobby is a long time user of AMSOIL, knew the RV would do a lot better but never anticipated these kinds of results.

This is not the end, the RV had been stored in an open shed for over ten years and the outside had never been polished and was dull and badly streaked. Bobby worked for several days, using a variety of cleaners and polishes, only doing about ½ of one side. Bobby came by and asked if AMSOIL had anything to clean the outside of the RV. I suggested the AMSOIL Miracle Wash, not knowing if the surface was just too bad to be helped. We were both shocked at how well and easy the Miracle Wash cleaned the RV. Bobby went home and completed the rest of the RV in few hours. Bobby also found out that AMSOILS' Brite Side Tire cleaner worked like a "miracle" on his awning that was badly streaked with mildew.

Motor Home: "Noticeable Difference"

A Crofton, MD customer wrote, "AMSOIL has made a noticeable difference in the performance of my converted MCI Greyhound motor coach.

"My coach is now 33 years old. I switched over to AMSOIL about four years ago after having owned and driven this rig for about five years. At the time of the switchover the engine, a Detroit 8V-71, had about 300,000 miles on it and had been serviced with regular petroleum products.

"I must tell you I am a skeptic, but one who is willing to give anything a reasonable try. It didn't take long for me to realize that this was one of the more worthwhile trial runs in my life. The most noticeable immediate changes were that the engine ran quieter, was revving more freely and ran slightly cooler. It felt as though it had wind. A Dual By-Pass filter system was added, and the transmission, differential and cooling fan gear box were also changed to the AMSOIL magic, with similar noticeable smoothing and quieting effects.

"Well, when I'm in, I go all the way, and I began to add one can each of Cetane Boost and Diesel Fuel Additive Concentrate to every tank of diesel fuel. This complete AMSOIL treatment soundly impressed me.

"Finally I returned home from Europe after three months, and the motor home had been standing idle. It was 5:30 in the evening and the temperature was 20d F. when I started the rig. Incredibly, the engine whizzed around almost like it would have in summer, and it took less then five seconds of cranking for it to spring to life. It began to run smoothly almost immediately. After about 15 seconds the white smoke cleared. This is truly remarkable when one considers how when the temperature got anywhere in the 30s, I always had to use an ether starter fluid on this engine so as not to have to run the batteries down and white smoke would be belching from the exhaust after some tem minutes of running.

"Thank you for manufacturing such a fine line of products."

Saves $500 Per Vehicle Per Year

All-Day Courier Service Inc. is located in Westbury, NY. It serves the Tri-State area of New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut with twenty delivery vehicles.

Owner and President, James Stalters recently reported a savings of $500 per vehicle per year to AMSOIL Direct Jobber Matt Konig. The application of a Spin-On By-Pass Oil Filter, 10W-30 100% Synthetic Motor Oil, AMSOIL Two-Stage Air Filter, AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Fluid, and 75W-90 Gear Lube have significantly reduced downtime, and increased fuel economy. Each vehicle travels 200+ miles per day.

"It was a horrendous task just trying to schedule oil changes every 2-3 weeks. Minor break-downs were constantly upsetting our plans," states Mr. Stalters. "Downtime has been reduced approximately 80% on all vehicles and gas mileage has increased an average of 2 mpg. We don't do full oil changes any more, we lust change the Spin-On By-Pass and Full Flow Filters every three months. What a savings!

"In this fast-paced business, having your vehicles on the road instead of in the repair shop greatly increases our service to the public. Reliability and performance in our equipment is the bottom line for an efficient and profitable service and AMSOIL helps us to succeed!"

Bone Dry Engine - No Damage

Alaska: Before moving to Alaska, Tom Murphy converted his engine, transmission, rear-end and wheel bearings to AMSOIL lubricants. While driving the 22 miles from Eielson Air Force Base to Fairbanks his main crankshaft seal failed.

"I didn't discover the problem until I shut the engine off in Fairbanks," said Murphy. "The oil pump had done its job, leaving my engine bone dry. Amazingly the engine still ran fine, and when I brought the car to the shop, my mechanic couldn't find any damage. My purchase of AMSOIL products saved me well over $2,000 in repairs."

Ten Years - No Replacements

New Hampshire: Gregory Berry has been using AMSOIL products for about the last ten years.

"It's amazing." Said Berry" "I haven't replaced any greasable parts since switching to AMSOIL lubricants ten years ago Wheel bearings on vehicles and trailers spin freely without heat buildup. I installed AMSOIL Multi-Purpose Grease in the chassis of my 1930 Ford. I've owned this car since 1964 and know how the car drives. After installing AMSOIL Multipurpose Grease, it felt like I had installed power steering. Again..... It's amazing.

Prototype of Perkins M-2 Uses AMSOIL

$125,000 Exotic Car Uses AMSOIL Synthetic Oil

Michael Perkins, founder of Perkins Engineering, Inc., of Austin, Texas, has recently finished the prototype of the Perkins M-2 of "Texas Exotic" sports car. The prototype is lubricated entirely with AMSOIL Lubricants.

The Perkins M-2 weighs approximately 2,200 lbs. and has a five-speed transmission. It has an SHO V-6 engine, with four cams, 24 valves, and either 245 or 300 horsepower, depending on the configuration. To keep this expensive equipment in top running condition, Michael decided that the Perkins M-2 would include AMSOIL Lubricants.

Michael explained, "No question in the minds of people in the know that synthetic lubricants are today's answer to improved drive train protection, improved performance, reduced maintenance, and less pollution. AMSOIL is an obvious leader in the industry!"

The Perkins M-2, with the proposed retail price of $125,000, is an exotic car designed for successful people who, generally, are over 6 feet tall.

Michael Perkins is living his dream by designing and building the Perkins M-2, and AMSOIL is grateful in helping him make his dream into a reality.

"Perkins Engineering is proud to offer the M-2 to America and also proud to include AMSOIL advanced product technology as part of this automobile's original equipment," Perkins said.

From 14 to 17 MPG!

The following was received 1/4/99 by e-mail from Jeff Twarog of Connecticut.

Hey Gerry,
Here's another one: A good friend owns 2 Jeep Grand Cherokee's; one is a 95 and one is a 97. He put10w-30 synthetic in his 95 and he says it starts quicker in the cold, idles smoother, and accelerates quicker than the wife's 97. Both have the 318 engines. His mileage given on his computer reads 17 up from the 14 he was getting over the same route driven. I found that quite interesting. He has not yet had the chance to change the gear oils.

Rental Business Doing Great With AMSOIL!

ABC Rental is a great business that rents all kinds of equipment to people in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, according to AMSOIL Dealer LeVerne Laurvick. They are currently using AMSOIL in diesel equipment and 1OW-30 100% Synthetic Motor Oil and Two-Stage Air Filters in their cars and trucks. Additionally, ABC uses the By-Pass Filters. in their large cement mixers.

AMSOIL Products are ideal in these situations where companies need high performance and protection to combat frequent abuse!

"Engine Probably Shot"


I purchased a 1981 half-ton Ford truck with a 351 engine in August 1994. This truck was used for heavy ranch work for about three years. Having previously been sold on synthetic oil, I purchased AMSOIL from Reg Perras and put it in this truck in 1996.

In April 1997 I put a load of stock feed weighing one ton in the truck. It was to be delivered from Camrose to a ranch 12 miles from my home, approximately 40 miles in all. I was not aware that my radiator had sprung a. leak. About 10 miles from the ranch I realized the engine was severely overheated to the point that the engine was pinging. I shut it off thinking the engine was probably shot. After 30 minutes to cool it down I started it up again with no water or antifreeze and drove the rest of the way to the ranch. After allowing the engine to cool completely and believing it was finished I filled it with water and drove home. It took about four gallons so it had to have been dry.

To my surprise it seemed the engine had suffered no damage and the AMSOIL synthetic motor oil still looked clear and not bubbled. I am still driving the same truck. The engine sounds good and it uses basically no oil.
I have to attribute this engine miracle to the use of AMSOIL and will continue to use this product in our vehicles with confidence.

George Striker
Alberta, Canada

15W-40 AMSOIL + John Deere, Mack, & Ford Powerstroke!

"Just a note to let you know that our harvesting business is much easier since switching to AMSOIL.

"We use AMSOIL Synthetic 15w-40 Motor Oil in our three new John Deere 9600 combines, our five Mack class 8 hauling trucks, my '97 Ford I/H Powerstroke and several smaller machines. We put an average of 10,000 to 12,000 miles on these trucks per year. Our combines run about 600 to 700 hours.

"We simply change the oil in our combines once a year and the oil filters at 200 hours. AMSOIL gives them the best protection while allowing them to start easier, run cooler and get the best fuel efficiency possible.

"I know AMSOIL costs more at first, but if you put a pencil to it, it's really less expensive than regular oil. Anyone could save money using AMSOIL."